Fact Check on Question 1: Ten Things You Need to Know

by Phil Snider

phil snider

In what will likely be my last post relatedto Question 1, which appears on Tuesday’s ballot in Springfield, I simply want to clarifya lot of the rhetoric that is going around Springfield right now, in large part because there is a lot of misinformation out there. (For those of you outside of Springfield, Question 1 asks Springfield voters if they wish to repeal the nondiscrimination ordinance that adds protections related to sexual orientation and gender identity.)

1. Fact: If voters choose not to repeal the non-discrimination ordinance, bathroom and/orlocker room predators and all who invade theprivacy of otherswill still be breaking the law.“The ordinance does not make any changes around criminal conduct. Criminal conduct will continue to be prosecuted.”[1] As such, “Anyone who tries to enter a woman’s restroom to harm, harass or invade the privacy of people will still be subject to arrest and prosecution.” In addition…

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